Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's Picnic Time

Stampendous is having a picnic theme this week, so here is my response:

I decided to go with a picnic birthday theme.  I created all the dangling charms with Dreamweaver Stencils and shrink plastic.  First, I sanded the plastic, then traced the stencils with the Chameleon detail pen and colored them with various Chameleon alcohol inks.  I used my Big Bite to create the holes and then shrank the plastic with my heat gun.
The first picture is the LL3032 Lg Cherries.  I used the Chameleon Pens in Grass Green, Crimson Red, Spring Meadow, Bark, and Deep Black.

 The next picture was created with the LM193 Dragonfly stencil.  I used the colors Crimson Red, Grass Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue and Deep Black.

 The final dangle was created with the LR502 Sun stencil.  It was colored with Summer Sun, Crimson Red, Warm Sunset and Deep Black.

After I made all the dangles, I attached everything with May Arts Ribbon.  That was it--and it was really fun!  After all, I got to play with shrink made me feel like I was 10 again.

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Enjoy this fun theme, and I will see you back here next week!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dreamweaver Art

Apparently, I have the world's SLOWEST mail service.  You see, Stampendous is having a blog hop with Clear Scraps that we, the Dreamweaver Specialists, could also get in on.  We were sent some Clear Scraps, but ours went out later than the rest of the team's.  EVERYONE got their goodies.  Except me........I still don't have them.  Therefore, today I am posting a project that does not include the Clear Scraps, but it does have an art theme.  Clear Scraps and Stampendous do encourage you to follow your art.....

For this card, I embossed the white card stock through my Cuttlebug Machine.  I used Stencil LJ 801 Splats and Stencil LG 761 Chunky Art Tools.  I placed them face down on the Cuttlebug A Plate, followed by the card stock, the Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat and two Cuttlebug B Plates.  I placed the corresponding stencil on top of the embossed card stock and used the Circus Splendor Ink Pad and my Black Soot Distress Ink Pad with my stencil brushes to add all the color.  I poured Stampendous Clear Embossing Powder over the image and heated it.  Wherever the pigment ink was still wet, it stuck and showed up glossy on the final image.

The silver portions were created by using Versamark with the stencil brush and covering it with Stampendous Silver Embossing Powder.  Of course, the Follow Your Art Stamp is from Stampendous and stamped with Versafine.  The ribbon is May Arts and the words and art supplies were raised with 3D foam.
The rest of the Dreamweaver Specialists are also posting today.  I included their links.  I also included a link to that blog hop that I mentioned earlier.

Meanwhile, as I have mentioned, the rest of the team is posting a great blog hop with Clear Scraps.  Under this great banner, you will find the link to one of today's posts.....and a great way to start hopping for wonderful prizes:

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dreamweaver and Stampendous Patriotic Week

My new team, Stampendous, is having a patriotic theme this week.  Of course, where else would my thoughts turn, but to the Dreamweaver Flag Stencil LL359 ?  The biggest challenge was to find a new way to use it.
Here is what I did:  I pasted LL 359, using Glossy White Embossing Paste on white card stock.  Because it was a narrow stencil, I was able to use the regular palette knife.  Once the paste was dry, I replaced the stencil and daubed on Versamark using a small finger dauber.  I poured on some Stamp N Bond and heated it.  While it was still warm, I pressed some foil into it.  I actually used some foil from an Easter Egg decorating kit on this, but I am sure that any of the heat and pressure activated foil out there right now would work.  WARNING:  You do need to work in small batches on this, or the glue will not remain hot enough to adhere the foil when it is pressed down.  Despite my best efforts, the foil still looked reticulated and patchy.  I was thinking afterward that it may have been a better choice to use a stencil brush to add the Versamark.  That way, it may have created a smoother surface for the foil.  I did not give up , however, and added a second coat to the empty parts.  Then, because it still wasn't covered in foil, I used my Chameleon markers to fill in any remaining white sections.  I then used Regular Embossing Paste to paste on the stars.  The surface was bumpy, so the stars did not turn out perfect.  I decided to be okay with that.
For the background, I used the Dreamweaver Fireworks Embossing Folder FJ886 on some navy color core paper.  I then lightly sanded the paper.  I placed the coordinating Fireworks Stencil LJ886 over the top and used the small dauber to add Versamark to the embossed areas.  I then covered the ink with Gold Tinsel and Silver Tinsel Embossing Powder.  Of course, when I was done, I heated up the embossing powder.
Take a close look at all the shine!
The oval was cut with a nested die and the Cuttlebug Machine.  I stamped the Thank You from the Happy Greetings Perfectly Clear Stamp Set with Majestic Blue Versacolor.  I used Versamark on the edges with Gold Tinsel Embossing Powder.  I punched a couple of holes in it.
Finally, I cut around the flag, added some May Arts ribbons, foam tape, and card stock and I was finished!

Now, there are a few more ladies playing with us today, so check them out:

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

April maybe May Flowers

Yes, the theme for this month is actually April Showers, but I have gone a little off on my own to change it up a little to May Flowers--and there is a reason for this that I will explain soon.

In the meantime, I would just like to remind you that the real theme for the month is "Shower of Showers", and if you would like to play along, you have the chance to win the stencil of your choice by linking to the Dream It Up! blog.  You have an extra chance to win if you incorporate Dreamweaver and/or Stampendous products in your design.

 Now, back to my creation:

       This is the time of year of many transitions.  April is turning into May and showers will soon be replaced by flowers.  As spring finally begins here in Michigan, my life is changing, too. As many of you might know, Lynell Harlow has recently sold Dreamweaver Stencils to Stampendous.  This should mean wonderful things for Lynell's fabulous stencil designs!  Therefore, this is my last official post as a member of the Dreamweaver Design Team.  Dreamweaver has become part of the Stampendous family and I, too, have been welcomed into an exciting new position as a member of the Stampendous team.  (See the new decoration on my sidebar!)  
     Of course, all of these changes, while quite exciting, have me waxing nostalgic.  I was one of the original members of the Dreamweaver Design team.  It was the first (non store) design team that I was ever part of.  As new team, it went through quite a few changes as it developed.  So did I.  I made many friends on the team over the years, including the beautiful (inside and out) Lynell Harlow.  I had a great time doing demos at CHA and teaching classes in the stores.  I also had the unforgettable opportunity to demo in the UK.  Of course, there were the gorgeous stencils! 

      This brings me back to my post.  It is a Thank You to Lynell, who is such a wonderful person and artist.  I met her several years before I really got to know her, when I was taking a Dreamweaver Class at a local store.  One of the stencils we used in the class was LJ 888 Hydrangea.  I remember thinking that Lynell really liked this one.  Every time I used it afterwards, I would remember how much she liked it.  Here, I pasted it on blue card stock with White Glossy Embossing Paste.  I used Removable Tape and the LM 2010 Paste Spreader.  I also pasted the LS 1009 Thank You with the same paste.  When the paste was dry, I used my Chameleon Markers to color in the flower and leaves.  For the flowers, I used YL2 Summer Sun and V04 Deep Violet.  For the leaves, I used YG3 Spring Meadows, OL3 Olive Green and GR3 Grass Green.  Mostly, though, I used the CB Colorless Blender.  I colored in the darker sections, and then used the blender to transfer the colors to the lighter sections.  For the leaves, I colored them normally and then used the blender to blend and lighten the colors.  The White Paste gave me a wonderful canvas to work on.

     As a group, we have been encouraging each other to also post one of the first creations we made for the Dreamweaver Team.  Mine goes way, way back.  In fact, it was one of the items I used for my design team audition.   (I also used some Stampendous flock on it!)  Sorry about the picture. 

     While the words "Thank You" cannot fully express my gratitude for everything Lynell has done for me, I certainly hope that she understands.  I urge you to continue to follow the Dream It Up blog, Stampendous and, of course, me, to see all the exciting new things that will be happening with Dreamweaver Stencils! 
Be sure to check out the other posts this week, too.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shower of Showers Week 3

Ever use the expression, "When it rains, it pours"? This does not have to be a bad thing, does it? For the month of April, the Dream Team are featuring "Showers of Showers" as our theme. As usual, we'd love for you to play along. Just link your creation on the Dream It Up! blog for a chance to win the stencil of your choice...bonus chances for incorporating Dreamweaver and/or Stampendous in your design. Here's what I'm showering you with this week...

As you can tell, for this week, I took the showers them quite literally, and went for rain showers. I paste embossed through the LJ 905 Rain stencil with Pearlescent Embossing Paste.  While the paste was still wet, I tossed on a just little Stampendous Fine Crystal Glitter.  The cute little mouse is the Rain Flower Rubber Stamp.  He is colored with Chameleon Pens. 
Thanks for stopping by today, and don't forget to enter a little something in our monthly contest!

Here's the links for the "A" team that is posting this week:
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Showers!

Welcome to the Stampendous-Dreamweaver Stencils April challenge of "Showers to Showers!" Our designers have so many choices with this theme, baby, wedding, rain...You'll definitely want to see what we come up with each week of April!
Today I chose to interpret the theme this way:
     This cute baby shower card was created with four stencils:  LJ886 Fireworks, LG756 Open Elephant, LG628 Dogwood Pattern and LS22 Congratulations.  First, all the stencils were run through the Cuttlebug with the Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat.  The fireworks were run through with white card stock.  The congratulations stencil and the elephant and dogwood combo were created using teal coated aluminum
      For the congratulations, I used the following "sandwich": A Plate, stencil face up, metal face up, rubber mat and two B Plates.  This "debossed" the image, pushing the metal down into the word.  I sanded the piece with the stencil still under it. 
     The other piece of teal metal was sent through the Cuttlebug the same way, but with both the dogwood stencil and the metal face down.  I sanded the metal after removing the stencil.  Then,, I sent the textured metal through the machine the same way, but with the elephant stencil.  After I removed the stencil, I added Black Beauty Color Solutions to the eye and Aquarius Color Solutions to the crevices that outlined the elephant.  I used the tip of a cotton swab to add the Color Solutions with precision.  I sanded the image again, paying special attention to the tusk.
     Finally, I replaced the fireworks stencil and sprayed it with Memory Mists in Silver.  As you can see, when I replaced the stencil, I got it a little off the original embossing.  This was not my intent, but when it was done, I liked the sense of movement it conveyed.
     I added a beautiful May Arts Ribbon and a little teal card stock and I was done.
Our "A Team" wants to "shower" you with lots more ideas, so be sure to visit and leave them "showers" of comments!
Louise Healy

Friday, March 27, 2015

Woodware Blog Hop!

This week we’re going to celebrate with the awesome Woodware Design Team and the Dreamweaver Stencils Dream Team all of the the great Stampendous and Dreamweaver Stencils products that Woodware makes available to the UK market. This is good news for our crafty friends in the UK because we’ll be offering prizes and our UK friends are eligible to win!! We’ll be offering three prizes in the UK and three in the US. Each prize package will consist of Nathalie Kalbach’s terrific Grunge Mixed Media Cling Rubber Stamp Sets and the beautiful Zen Butterfly Dreamweaver Stencil! Both products are ideal for adding texture and backgrounds to your projects!
Deadline to comment is  Sunday, March 29th, Pacific Time. Winners will be picked using and announced Tuesday, March 31st, in the afternoon.

Here is what I have for you today:
This project is a little different with regards to texture.  Of course, you see the texture in the card stock, and the texture of the metal, but this project is a little more about implied texture, or the two dimensional rendering of texture.  Let me show you what I mean.
First, I placed the Dreamweaver Sailing Boat Stencil LG763 on a piece of heavy card stock.  I used a pencil to lightly trace the image.  Then, I used watercolor pencils and a little water to create the foggy sky background.  I used Micron Markers to trace and embellish the outlines of the ship.  I added a little more color with the watercolor pencils and created that implied texture.  

The mermaid was one of my favorite Stampendous images, the mermaid.  I sanded some white polyshrink and stamped the image with solvent ink.  Next, I cut around the around the shape and punched a hole in the top of the plastic.  I colored it with colored pencils and shrank it with my heat tool.  The plastic reminded me a little of scrimshaw, which is why I used it with the boat image.

Finally, the word was created by running the Imagine, Inspire, Believe Stencil LL 405 through my Cuttlebug with sky blue aluminum.  The "sandwich" was the A Plate, the stencil face up, the metal face up, the Dreamweaver Extra Large Rubber Mat and two B Plates.  I then sanded the image with the stencil still in place behind it. 
And that’s our theme!! Making Texture. We hope you’ll enjoy the wonderful inspiration that three talented teams will bring you this week! Be sure to visit all the blog links listed and leave your comments! Each comment will count as an entry towards one of the terrific prize packages.
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